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Back Pain Treatment

Date: Fri Dec 2 10:06:09 AEDT 2016
Back Pain Treatment

With so many different doctors, therapists and practitioners all claiming to offer the best form of back pain treatment it is extremely difficult to decide where to turn for a solution to your back pain.

Our advice at is this

  • If you have acute back pain where you have only been suffering for days or weeks the good news is that you will most likely respond positively to most forms of back pain treatment.

  • If you are suffering from chronic back pain that has lasted for weeks, months or decades and have tried seemingly all back pain treatment options then you need a unique approach to your condition.

A unique back pain treatment that specialises in chronic long term sufferers.

Back Solutions Clinic has a unique form of back pain treatment that caters for long term back pain sufferers who have seemingly tried all kinds of physio, chiro and massage only to receive short term relief from their pain.  It is a two step back pain treatment process that

i) Eradicates tension that is pulling the body away from its postural midline in turn compromising the structure and function of the back.

ii) Addresses the postural weakness failing to support the body in its postural midline in turn placing excess load on the structures on the lower back resulting in pain and dysfunction.

Why standard back pain treatment fails chronic back pain sufferers?

Standard back pain treatment all focuses on the symptoms of back pain, not the true underlying cause. All of the treatment focuses on the back region, and never addresses the rest of the body and the imbalances that resulting in the back being constantly compromises. People experience short term relief, because the standard back pain treatment is effective at alleviating tension, however the pain always return due to the lower back still being placed under excessive due to the postural imbalances not being effectively addressed.

How long does the back pain treatment take until lasting results are experienced?

No matter how long you have been suffering from back pain, the vast majority of people noticed an immediate improvement after their first appointment at Back Solutions Clinic. Some people take a little longer due to the extend of the solidified connective tissue present in their lower back, however within 2-4 weeks they too find out how effective they unique back pain treatment is at Back Solutions.

What will be covered in your initial appointment?

Back Solutions are big on the three why’s

i) Why you have your back pain

ii) Why no one else has been able to provide a permanent solution to your pain

ii) Why our back pain treatment will remove your pain and strengthen your body so the pain never returns.


Once your Back Pain Specialist covers the three why’s it is time to start addressing your posture and the extend of the tension present in your lower back and hips. In most instances your practitioners will commence hands on work in your initial consult as a form of diagnosis and to offer relief from your chronic back pain

How do I make an appointment?

The easiest way to make a back pain treatment is to call Back Solutions Clinic on 9909 9905

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