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Back Pain

Date: Wed Jan 3 16:57:44 AEDT 2018
Back Pain

Back pain is extremely frequent. 80% of Australians at least once in their  lifetime will experience acute Back Pain. Let’s see what are the causes and how we can prevent and treat it.

Have you thought your back pain will pass and is just temporary? If you don’t take this pain seriously, you can find it turn into a bigger problem. Let’s see the most common causes of back pain, what is acute and chronic pain, how to diagnose it and some tips on what you can do to prevent this condition.

What is an acute back pain?

Acute back pain is manifested by short episodes of back pain that come suddenly and unexpectedly. This can be something so simple such as picking up a pencil or bending down to pick up your children, no doubt something you have done thousands of times in your life only to experience a sudden onset of unexpected pain. Most people that suffer from this type of pain, heal in one to two weeks, with minimal treatment and can immediately return to their normal life. This can generally be achieved by locating your local health physician.

What is chronic, continuous back pain?

Often, back pain lasts short and they are treated simply. But when the pain that lasts for more than 3 weeks, it’s about chronic pain. This case of back pain needs a different treatment. First, we do a careful revision of the medical history of the patient, and then an exam in order to precisely determine the cause of the pain. In rare cases, cancer or infections can be detected.  In most cases, the bad back pain is related with damage of the spinal vertebrae, discs or muscles in the back.

Back Pain Symptoms

The most common reason for back pain is muscles spasms that can occur from a sudden move. These spasms cause the back to "lock" - a condition which the body registers as pain. These spasms pass in a short time, but if the muscles don’t ease then is needed treatment as physical therapy or some medicine.

Additional back pain can be caused by:

·      Disc Bulge/Herniated Discs

·      Sciatica

·      Spinal Degeneration

·      Osteoarthritis

·       Ankylosing spondylitis

·       Spondylolisthesis

·      Fracture

·      Trauma (Car Accident, Sporting accident or even falling)

How is back pain diagnosed and treated?

Assessing the medical history of the patient is the most powerful tool of every doctor in diagnosing this problem. Doctor makes a series of questions in order to locate the problem. Questions may relate to lifestyle, type of work, daily activities, hobbies, when the pain started, what place hurts and what effect it has on your daily duties.

Most Back pain examinations may include MRI/CT scans as well as an assessment to determine the exact cause of your pain.

Back pain usually treated successfully with conservative treatment. This treatment typically involves activity (standing, walking, and different operations which include movement) also allowed medications prescribed by a doctor, such as anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

In some cases, a physical therapy is needed. If the pain doesn’t stop then the condition is treated by a team of doctors, and that general practitioner or worse case surgery to ensure your pain doesn’t return. A better alternative is to visit the Richmond back massage experts in Melbourne, Victoria.

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