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Is Physical Therapy Effective For Acute And Chronic Lower Back Pain?

Date: Tue Mar 21 20:35:31 AEDT 2017
Can Physical Therapy Provide Relief from Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of those problems, which forces many people to visit doctors on a regular basis. You take Americans, British, Australians, Indians, Chinese and people from any other country, lower back pain is what joins all these people. Lower back pain for all these years has been associated with expensive costs of healthcare and costs associated with lost wages and productivity.

Earlier this year The America College of Physicians (ACP) released new guidelines for non-invasive treatment procedures for sub-acute, acute and chronic low back pain. The ACP checked the effectiveness of non-pharma and pharma treatments of lower back pain at various stages.

The ACP were able to determine some benefits in pharmacological based lower back pain treatment, but with strong medications. For sub-acute or acute low back pain, system corticosteroids, NSAIDs, and acetaminophen didn’t make any difference than placebo when it comes to alleviating the intensity of pain. Whereas for chronic low back pain, benzodiazepines, NSAIDs, and opioids were related to small improvements, which lasted for a limited time.

The ACP also paid attention towards the non-pharma therapies for chronic lower back pain treatment. Massage and spinal manipulation proved quite effective for acute low back pain. Superficial heat has also proved great when it comes to providing instant relief. Low-laser therapy combined with NSAIDs have also shown great results when it comes to decreasing the intensity of pain and increasing the mobility of patients. There is some evidence, which clearly shows that the combination of exercises and motor control exercises has resulted in pain reduction and an increase in patients’ mobility.

Physical therapy for chronic lower back pain

From all the recommendations that have been provided by the ACP, it is clear that non-pharma treatment is effective for acute and subacute lower back pain if it is combined with superficial heat massage, low-laser therapy, and spinal manipulation.

In a similar way, non-pharmacologic treatments are considered as the first line option for chronic lower back pain because they are highly effective in treating pain without putting patients in any sort of danger. Patients should ask their doctors to design personalized programs for them, which consist of exercises and stretches along with mild medications (if pain intensifies).

With all these recommendations, one thing is clear, i.e., physical therapy interventions are quite effective in treating acute as well as chronic lower back pain. But, physical therapy needs to be tailored according to the requirements of the individual.

It is important for patients to get in touch with an experienced doctor in order to get your lower back properly diagnosed because if the diagnosis is carried out in a proper manner, only then, the right treatment can be given to the patients. Back Solutions Clinic is one of the best clinics that are offering the best treatment for acute and chronic lower back pain. So, the time has come when ACP guidelines are to be considered before starting the treatment.

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