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Five Myths About Sciatica That You All Must Know

Date: Thu Jul 20 10:52:46 AEST 2017
Five Myths About Sciatica

It’s paining a lot in the lower back, I hope it’s not sciatica again. Those who had sciatica in the past become scared when they feel pain in the lower back. They just assume that their sciatica has revived again, and now, it is going to be real bad for them. But, that’s not true. Every time, the pain occurs in the back is not sciatica.

Before we go further into sciatica and the myths surrounding this problem, let us first discuss what sciatic nerve is because it will help those readers who haven’t had this problem before a better understanding as to what we are talking about.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, and it travels from lower back to buttocks to thighs and into the legs. When the sciatic nerve gets compressed, it gives rise to sciatica, but many people are either unaware or misinformed about this problem, let alone the sciatic nerve treatment.

Let us clear the air as to what sciatica is and what are the common myths propagating on the internet regarding this problem.

Myths about sciatica

Myth No. 1: Sciatica is a medical condition.

Fact: Sciatica is a condition is what most people believe, but in reality, it’s not. Sciatica is a name for a set of symptoms, which are caused by the spinal condition. There can be a plenty of symptoms like weakness, numbness, and pain in the lower back, buttocks, one thigh or leg. A person will feel burning or tingling sensation originating in the lower back region and flowing into the leg. This is what is known as sciatica.

Myth No. 2: Some specific conditions causes sciatica

Fact: When the sciatic nerve is compressed, the problem in the spine originates, hence resulting in sciatica. Herniated disc is the most common reason for the occurrence of sciatica, but there are other reasons as well such as lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar degenerative disc disease, piriformis syndrome, bone spurs or spinal tumors. Getting the right sciatic nerve treatment becomes very important, otherwise, things can become worse.

Myth No. 3: Leg pain without back pain is not sciatica.

Fact: In the majority of sciatica cases, patients suffer from both, back and leg pain, but in rare cases, patients don’t suffer from back pain. So, if you are dealing with a similar type of scenario and don’t know what to do, then you should get in touch with Back Solutions Clinic.

Myth No. 4: If you are suffering from sciatica, then you should take rest and avoid all sorts of physical activities.

Fact: Rest is important when a person is suffering from sciatica, but not all day. Remaining active is also important because the main thing is to keep the body moving instead of just sitting idle and doing nothing. Also, physical activities can be done, but in moderation, because if too much effort is being put into the physical activities, then the pain can aggravate. Then, sciatica nerve treatment will also carry on for months.

Myth No. 5: The only way to get relief from sciatica is through a surgery.

Fact: Surgery is the last option when doctors feel that there is no other way to get rid of the problem. Usually, sciatica gets treated with medications and therapies, but if it doesn’t then the surgery comes into place. Surgery as a sciatic nerve treatment should be considered as the last line of treatment.

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