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Sciatica Pain

Date: Thu Jul 20 10:44:15 AEST 2017
Sciatica Pain


Here at Back Solutions Clinic, Richmond we see hundreds of clients coming through our doors suffering with sciatic pain. Sciatica is a term used to describe pain that can be felt anywhere from the lower back right down to the base of the foot, the reason we use the term “Sciatica” is due to the pain originating at the sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain is basically compression of the sciatic nerve root which then refers onto certain areas of the body, described by some sufferers as electricity passing through their legs.

It is important when treating sciatic pain that firstly the exact cause of the pain is addressed and can be worked over correctly. It is important to free up around the lower back and entire pelvic girdle when treating sciatic pain as the sciatic nerve runs through the entire area. At Back Solutions Clinic Richmond we do this by firstly using our unique hands on approach, Solidified Myoneural Manipulation. SMM works to break down all tightened tissues with a combination of deep tissue therapy and myofascial release which gives an enormous amount of increased mobility.

Once mobility is gained through SMM and we have more than likely alleviated a good percentage of the pain we need to start building strength so that the body is able to keep itself from falling into a position that will once again compress the sciatic nerve, allowing the pain to return. How we strengthen the body is with our unique Neuromuscular Power Training technique, which aims at strengthening the entire body and works to restore symmetry, which in turn takes away any pain.  NMPT works to turn on all muscles that are not working properly or not strong enough to provide strength to the body, this is done by lifting a challenging amount of resistance in a controlled environment so it is 100% safe. Within only a few sessions you will be able to notice a great deal of change to the entire body.

If you are suffering with sciatic pain or lower back pain and fear it may be sciatic nerve related please contact us on 9909 9905 or visit our website We are located in Richmond of Melbourne Australia.

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