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A Few Facts That People Didn’t Know About Back Pain

Date: Tue Mar 21 18:30:30 AEDT 2017
Unknown Facts About Back Pain

We all know how painful the backache can be. A shocking fact about back pain is that more than 80% people suffer from it at some point of their life. A person can start experiencing back pain as early as 30 years. You must be wondering as to which gender is affected the most from back pain, then it is women. Back pain is more common in women than in men. Ladies who are pregnant are the ones who suffer the most from this annoying problem. Almost 50% of the pregnant ladies complain about a backache. It becomes even more crucial for pregnant ladies to find the best back pain treatment, otherwise the nine months of pregnancy is going to become a lot tougher.

Suffering from back pain is not a good thing because along with it comes a plethora of other problems as well. If you are suffering from back pain, then you will have to limit your physical activities because your back will not be in the greatest of the shapes to carry out tasks that you otherwise would have performed easily on any other day. If you follow a routine of brisk walking and 20-30 minutes of stretches and exercises, then that might not be possible with a stiff back. You will also have trouble sleeping because you can’t sleep in the same way as before. If you are among the lucky people, then your back pain can be rectified within a month or so, but you have to perform certain exercises along with medications to fully resolve the issue. There are 20% people who are unfortunate because their back pain problems last for more than 3 months and beyond.

Unknown facts about back pain

Rick Saunders, one of the most reputed Back Pain Specialists in the world also has something to say on this topic. “Back pain starts to kick in for most people around the age of 30, as this becomes the busiest time in our lives; career, relationships, family takes over time once allocated to physical activity.”

“The key to preventing and curing back pain is the right kind of physical activity.”

“Once again, weight gain and smoking are blamed for back pain - these are not hard, substantiated facts.”

“20% of back pain lasts more than 12 weeks to become chronic, lasting back pain. The vast majority of back pain that clears up prior to the 12-week mark returns again at some point as nothing is done to address the true cause of the initial back complaint.”

“The key to beating back pain is not to put measures in place to cope with it. You need to see a specialist who will prescribe movement and exercises to strengthen your body, strengthen your posture so the pain never returns.”

The problem can be worsened if the person is obese or smokes because both the things put pressure on the back in some or the other way. It is very important to find the right back pain treatment that can fix the back without giving any side-effects. Back Solutions Clinic is the place where the best back pain treatment is available. Get a permanent solution for your back problems regardless of the fact whether it is chronic back pain or occurred due to an accident.

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