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Title: Chronic back pain (>3 months) does not respond to standard medication nor treatment.
Date: Fri Nov 25 14:25:00 AEDT 2016
Medication and standard symptomatic treatment plays an effective role in assisting short term acute back pain (<3 months). Millions of people worldwide are realising with a great deal of angst and frustration that chronic back pain is not cured by medication, it's not cured by standard physio/ chiro treatments, and in a great percentage of cases, it is not cured by surgery.
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Title: Back Pain
Date: Wed Jan 3 16:57:44 AEDT 2018
Have you thought your back pain will pass and is just temporary? If you don’t take this pain seriously, you can find it turn into a bigger problem.
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Title: Massage for Lower Back Pain
Date: Thu Jul 20 15:25:53 AEST 2017
With so many treatments out there we explore if massage for lower back pain can be beneficial.
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Title: Should You Start Worrying About Your Low Back Pain?
Date: Tue May 30 11:42:01 AEST 2017
The way people portray their low back pain is more dangerous than the actual pain. Experiencing lower back pain is never comfortable for anybody, but the way people discuss their low back pain makes other people feel as if a mammoth issue has occurred in their body.
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Title: Myths Regarding The Treatment Of Chronic Back Pain
Date: Wed May 24 20:50:32 AEST 2017
During the summer season, we all plan a number of fun activities. Spending time outside with family and friends is on everybody’s mind in the summer season. Summer activities can be strenuous at times, and if you are suffering from chronic back pain, then things become even more difficult for you. Back pain is an annoying medical condition that forces people to stay at home, in the bed and watch TV. People can’t do anything because even a sma
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Title: Emotional Stress Is Causing Back Pain: Let’s Discuss This In Detail
Date: Wed May 24 20:45:54 AEST 2017
Many doctors link back pain to emotional stress. Well, people may not believe this, but doctors are certain that the reason of back pain in most people is their stressful lives. Doctors have elaborated on the issues by saying, ‘The problem is in the nervous system that resides in the skull and the spinal cord. The feeling of being hungry, angry and sad are also in your head. A human brain develops a number of experiences to keep the balance mai
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Title: Back Ache Cure Through Ancient Remedies
Date: Wed May 24 20:43:09 AEST 2017
Ancient remedies, we have been hearing a lot about these for past many years, yet we haven’t got a chance to take these. Can ancient remedies treat an aching back? Can a person get permanent relief with these centuries-old remedies? Well, let’s find out.
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Title: Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain: What Can You Expect?
Date: Wed May 24 20:42:28 AEST 2017
Do you have any idea that many of your day-to-day activities like bending, sitting, carrying, lifting or standing put immense pressure on your back? If not, then, you should pay attention towards these activities, as these can cause serious and permanent damages to your back.
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Title: Is It Possible tTo Get Relief From Back Pain Through Therapeutic Massage?
Date: Wed May 24 20:39:38 AEST 2017
Have you ever taken back massage? I mean, just for the sake of relaxation of muscles, did you go to a massage center and take a massage? If not, then you should because back massage is not just a method to relax muscles, but also to prevent chances of getting back pain.
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Title: What Is The Right Approach To Get Rid Of Sciatica And Back Pain
Date: Wed May 24 20:34:08 AEST 2017
Back pain that includes symptoms like mild to severe discomfort caused by inflammation in the sciatic nerve is referred to as sciatica. This is a serious condition and must be dealt in the same way. The intensity of pain rises with time, so getting a prompt treatment becomes vital.
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Title: How To Tackle The Most Debilitating Back Pain
Date: Tue May 9 1:31:50 AEST 2017
The biggest problem for back pain sufferers is their inability to find the right reason for their problem. As soon as they get to know that they are suffering from back pain, they resort to wrong exercises or start taking painkillers. They think that doing this will resolve the issue, but in reality, it will further aggravate it.
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Title: Three Amazing Things You Can Know About Your Back Pain Through Deep Tissue Massage
Date: Mon Apr 17 19:04:46 AEST 2017
I have seen many people who are dealing with consistent pain in their backs and necks. Some are even suffering from their high school days, which was quite surprising for me. One thing that all people do when they come across back pain is ‘ignore it’.
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Title: Massage For Lower Back Pain? Can You Really Get The Relief?
Date: Mon Apr 17 18:56:58 AEST 2017
Do you know that that leading cause of job disability in the entire world is a lower back pain? Well, now you know it and I am sure you are surprised to know that lower back pain is doing so many atrocities over the mankind. One in ten people are suffering from lower back pain, and out of those ten, the majority develops it into chronic back pain.
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Title: Easiest Of The Ways To Get Back Pain Relief
Date: Mon Mar 27 16:43:37 AEDT 2017
So, if you have developed back pain. Well, you know that you’re not alone in the world. But, don’t make the same mistake that most people make, i.e., delaying the treatment. Though back pain is not serious most of the times, but people make it serious by not taking the right treatment.
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Title: Effective Treatment For Lower Back Relief
Date: Wed Mar 22 18:32:36 AEDT 2017
With the drastic change in our current lifestyle lower back pain has become a common issue with several people around the globe. There are certain effective treatments available for the back relief that can eventually help you in resolving the ailment in a couple of days.
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Title: Why Lower Back Is More Prone To Sciatica?
Date: Wed Mar 22 18:21:17 AEDT 2017
Human body grows and changes. It takes its time to get to a certain age and it changes. With different levels of age, various parts of our personality change and gain their strength or lose it. This is the tendency of the thehuman body to change. With change comes the time when wear and tear get faster than growth and regeneration. It is this time period when we start to get ill and sick. Most of the times it happens in old age.
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Title: Have Doctors Been Treating Lower Back Pain All Wrong?
Date: Tue Mar 21 23:37:50 AEDT 2017
Do you know that the treatment given by doctors for the lower back was totally wrong? Well, this news could put you in the state of shock, but that’s true. The lower back pain treatment, which doctors were giving to their patients were not right.
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Title: Super-Effective Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain
Date: Tue Mar 21 23:32:42 AEDT 2017
People are so fit in their 20s and 30s, but as soon as they enter in their 40s or 50s, they start experiencing different health problems, back pain being the most common one. To be more precise, lower back pain is the problem people suffer the most in their middle age. Both men and women suffer from lower back pain at some point in life.
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Title: Check Out These Four Amazing Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Chronic Lower Back Pain
Date: Tue Mar 21 20:45:35 AEDT 2017
Chronic lower back pain is a serious issue, which can affect the entire body. A person suffering from chronic lower back pain is going to have difficulties in doing normal day-to-day tasks, let alone arduous tasks.
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Title: Is Physical Therapy Effective For Acute And Chronic Lower Back Pain?
Date: Tue Mar 21 20:35:31 AEDT 2017
Lower back pain is one of those problems, which forces many people to visit doctors on a regular basis. You take Americans, British, Australians, Indians, Chinese and people from any other country, lower back pain is what joins all these people. Lower back pain for all these years has been associated with expensive costs of healthcare and costs associated with lost wages and productivity.
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Title: Treating Chronic Pain: How Mind-Body Connection Helps?
Date: Tue Mar 21 20:30:41 AEDT 2017
Various studies indicate that 50% of older adults living independently and 75-85% of older adults living in assisted living facilities are suffering from chronic pain.
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Title: Rick Saunders Clears The Air On Whether Hamstrings Can Provide Relief From Back Pain Or Not?
Date: Tue Mar 21 20:08:30 AEDT 2017
Do you know that your hamstrings can provide you great relief from chronic back pain? Well, I’m sure that you didn’t know about it, but there is a way by which you can get rid of the chronic back pain by putting your hamstrings into play.
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Title: How Pregnant Women Treat And Prevent Back Pain?
Date: Tue Mar 21 19:10:55 AEDT 2017
What they show on TV about pregnant women is just a small part. In TV shows, pregnancy is shown as a great phase of life in which everything is so wonderful and so magical, but in reality, there are a number of things happening to a pregnant woman.
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Title: A Few Facts That People Didn’t Know About Back Pain
Date: Tue Mar 21 18:30:30 AEDT 2017
We all know how painful the backache can be. A shocking fact about back pain is that more than 80% people suffer from it at some point of their life. A person can start experiencing back pain as early as 30 years.
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Title: What Are New Treatment Guidelines For Back Pain?
Date: Tue Mar 21 17:59:33 AEDT 2017
Recently, the American College of Physicians issued an updated back pain relief guidelines for acute, subacute and chronic low back pain. They have now omitted medication as the first line of treatment, and instead advocated on non-drug therapies.
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Title: Is There An Unusual Way To Banish Back Pain? If Yes, Then What It Is?
Date: Tue Mar 21 16:29:57 AEDT 2017
Around 80% Australians suffer from back pain at some point of time, and the majority of people blame it on exertion, injury, and aging.
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Title: Can Back Pain Result In Death Of People?
Date: Tue Mar 21 16:17:14 AEDT 2017
The backache is causing serious problems to people all around the world. Normal things that people would have done easily on an average day has become tedious tasks for them. The backache is not just causing disability in the people but is also putting them in mortal danger.
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Title: Top Ten Massages For All Body Pains
Date: Tue Mar 21 16:09:26 AEDT 2017
With more than a dozen treatments for back pain has been laid out, I would still prefer a back massage because it is the natural, most trusted and the most reliable way of treating an ailing back.
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Title: Back Attack! How Back Massage Can Help?
Date: Tue Mar 21 16:00:41 AEDT 2017
How boring it is to sit on the same seat, in front of the computer for multiple hours without any movement. We all have gone through this experience at least once in our lives, but there are people who do this on a daily basis because that’s their job.
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Title: Pain in Lower Back Around Kidneys
Date: Thu Feb 2 21:33:41 AEDT 2017
Pain in the lower back around the kidneys can be a serious medical condition, find out the appropriate treatments and steps you should take in the case of kidney disease
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