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Some of Your Lower Back Pain Causes Can Be Simple Exercises

Lower back pain is one of the leading reasons for taking time away from work or going to the doctor. These issues may cause discomfort and even difficulty in moving. Stiffness or poor sitting still for extended periods may also result in lower back pain and tension. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, it is important to learn about what some of your lower back pain causes are and to consider an effective lower back pain treatment.

Types of Problems

There are many different kinds of back problems, including problems that arise from the spine itself, as well as issues that occur with the discs of your spine. A person who has a disc problem may experience a pinched nerve, which can make it difficult for them to sit up straight, move their legs or even bend forward properly. If the nerve is pinched, it may also be possible to feel tingling or numbness as the brain attempts to send the message that the body needs to compensate for the problem by making adjustments to how it sends signals to the brain.

The problem of having a pinched nerve can often be caused by stress. People who have a lot of pressure placed on themselves or who are not able to relax can be prone to having a disc problem. It is important to make sure that you are getting adequate rest and that you are not putting too much strain on yourself.

Inflammation and Injury

A disc can become inflamed or even get very painful due to wear and tear. If this condition occurs regularly, it is a good idea to seek treatment, as inflammation and pain may indicate a more serious problem such as an infection or a fracture of some kind.

lower back pain

Lower back pain also occurs because of injury. This is the reason that people tend to visit doctors and chiropractors, as they may be suffering from arthritis, a disc injury or even something as simple as pulled muscles. Often a visit to a chiropractor will help the body to get back to normal, and many of these conditions can be treated with lower back pain exercises.


Other back pain causes can also be caused by arthritis, and some of these conditions can be as simple as sitting improperly or not having enough flexibility in your hips. When you have pain in the back, it is important to consider an exercise program that can help your body adapt to a new position and to improve the strength and mobility in the area. This will reduce the pain as well as it gets stronger and becomes accustomed to the new way that your body is moving.

Muscle Strain

Finally, muscle strain can be caused by improper movement. Many people find that the cause of lower back muscle pain can be related to poor posture and poor sitting techniques. When you have poor back muscle alignment, you may have trouble moving your back at all, and even if you do, the muscles may not be correctly aligned. An exercise program to strengthen and stretch your back muscles can help you regain proper alignment.

Muscle strain can also be caused by overextending yourself at times. If you have been doing some stretching exercises at home or work, but find that you are having trouble getting in the right position, or if you have a bad workstation setup, your job can create a strain on your neck and back. Make sure that you are properly aligned with the ceiling when working out. and always keep your spine as straight as possible.

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