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Sciatica pain treatment by Rick Saunders

How to eliminate sciatica pain without surgery in Richmond, Melbourne.

Melbourne sciatica pain specialist, Rick Saunders, explains the most effective sciatica pain treatments

If you have heard of sciatica than I have no doubt that you or someone you know has experienced this condition. But what exactly is sciatica and why is it so painful?

Sciatica can be an extremely painful condition generally affecting one side of your body. It can stem from what begins as a basic lower back pain to being completely immobilising in a matter of days. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body that starts as a bundle of nerves in the sacrum/pelvic region that runs beneath the gluteal muscles down the back of the leg which can often cause debilitating affects.

Whilst there is a magnitude of causes of sciatica and/or sciatic nerve pain here are some common causes that we hear from our patients on a daily basis – chances are if you are suffering from sciatica you will be able to relate.

-Disc Bulge (when the disc bulges this can ‘compress’ and cause restriction for the sciatic nerve creating pain down the leg

-Previous Lower Back Injury (this can be anything from a sporting injury, car accident or even as basic as tripping over. If your injury hasn’t been addressed initially this can create sciatica in the future)

-Biomechanical Imbalances – (put simply, your body is not symmetrical creating lengthened and shortened muscles which create pain and dysfunction)

-SacroIlliac Dysfunction – lack of movement through the joints of the sacrum and iliac which can lead to inflammation and impingement of the sciatic nerve

-Prolonged Sitting (prolonged sitting is now described as ‘the new smoking’. Sitting for long periods of time with lack of movement creates compression and pressure through the lumbar region of the body creating weaknesses.

-Lack of Physical Exercise –one of the most common causes of sciatica it is the lack of physical exercise. The old saying ‘if you don’t use it you’ll lose it’ is relevant when looking at sciatica. A lack of physical conditioning will lead to muscle atrophy and could be the reason for your sciatica.

What we have found to be consist over thousands of severely debilitated individuals is the common occurrence of musculoskeletal imbalances that has disempowered many of our patients for months, even years. By addressing the imbalances throughout the pelvis and lower back region we can identify where someone with sciatica is compensating their body which could be greatly hampering their improvements. A combination of fascial release therapy, accompanied with the exact movement patterns and exercises will reduce sufferers with sciatica significantly within a few sessions.

With the advances modern medicine makes on a daily basis there is multiple options that you can seek for addressing and getting on the front foot when dealing with sciatica. These can range from Physiotherapy, Myotherapy, Osteopath’s, Acupuncture, Chiropractic and when you’ve exhausted all options surgery may be required – these are some treatments and options to name a few. Whilst each modality works differently on each individual we highly recommend and put a high emphasis on regaining strength through the weakened areas around the sciatica nerve and releasing the tissues that have caused pain and discomfort.

For more information please visit or to read over 600 articles and videos that will help you with significantly recovering from your sciatica or call 9909 9905 for Melbourne Australia clients to make an appointment today.

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